Monday, January 17, 2011

vintage seafoam motif....

As much as I love Christmas and all it's ornamental joy, it is always a welcome relief to pack up all the decorations and switch to a cleaner look around the house.....thanks to Liz for the vintage tablecloth and napkins in my favorite robin's egg/ seafoam blue -green color, the cardinal ornament  in white from Ali and pic of grandkids....I love them and treasure them all.... winter always needs this kind of pick- me up !!!!


  1. mmmmm, Grammy's color therapy is such a inspiration. love you...

  2. maybe the best $4 I've ever spent.....a proud depiction of your artistry Anyam<3

  3. HI GRAMMY!!!!!!!:)I just figured out how 2 post a comment on this thing!!!!!! I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!!!!!